Joshua: God of War?

In Joshua, Judges, Ruth by cwfeldmann

The book of Joshua describes the military escapades of God’s people as they entered the Promised Land. Entire cities were wiped out. The women, children and babies were killed. And, God helped them. Joshua asked that the sun stay in place so that he and his men would have more time to kill the heathen – God complied.

For some, this book would serve as “exhibit A” that God sanctions war under certain circumstances. Yet, we really don’t get this from Jesus. Why was there ever a time for God’s people to kill their enemies rather than loving and praying for them, as Jesus told us to do?

Can Christians today support military conquest “in the name of Christ” even if the cause is to “protect the innocent”? The book of Joshua is a good place to ask these questions.

In the video below, Dr. Brad Cole narrates his powerpoint slide presentation.

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