The Crucifixion: Who was really on trial?

In John by Bradley Cole

Who was really on trial in the crucifixion of Jesus? John 12:31 says that “Now is the judgment of this world…” or “Now is the critical moment of this world, now the ruler of this world will be exposed.” The Cross of Jesus is not only the clearest revelation about God’s heart of love, it also pulls back the shades to fully expose everything that is wrong with our world. At the Cross, the very nature of all kingdoms of the world are exposed for all of their ugliness; at the Cross, there is an indictment against religion that attempts to force and coerce; and, at the Cross, scapegoating, the accusing spirit, and violence are all exposed as the very spirit of Satan and his kingdom. The Cross not only reveals the goodness of God – it also reveals the serpent on the pole and the severe extent that the serpent has penetrated our hearts and minds.

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