Numbers 14: Forgiveness in Numbers?

In Numbers by cwfeldmann

As the rebellious people began their 40 year journey through the wilderness, God said, “I will forgive them.” If we look at forgiveness purely from a legal perspective, wouldn’t this suggest that these people would be “paid up” and ready to “legally” enter the kingdom? Should we understand forgiveness primarily from a legal perspective? Is it possible to be forgiven yet lost?

What about the people that Jesus forgave as He died on the cross? Will all of the forgiven people who stood at the foot of the cross be in heaven? If it is possible to be forgiven yet lost, what is the purpose of forgiveness?

In the video below, Dr. Brad Cole narrates his powerpoint slide presentation.

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Here are some other very good resources on the subject of forgiveness:

Herb Montgomery’s sermon entitled “Charizomai.”

Greg Boyd beautifully explains some difficult verses in the New Testament about forgiveness. Why is it that Jesus said, “if you don’t forgive others, God will not forgive you”?