Jeremiah: A Glimpse of God’s Wrath in Action

In Jeremiah, Lamentatians by cwfeldmann

Jeremiah clarifies the meaning of God’s wrath more than any other Old Testament book. There are dozens of verses just like this one in the book of Jeremiah: “I will fight against you with all my might, my anger, my wrath, and my fury…” (21:5). How can we understand what this actually means?

The commonly held view of God’s wrath runs something like this: “God’s wrath represents his righteous indignation and imposed punishment for sin.” What makes the book of Jeremiah so powerful is that we actually see, in a historical event, exactly what God did when he poured out his wrath. The reality of God’s wrath as revealed in the book of Jeremiah is quite surprising and counterintuitive.

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