Ezekiel 27 & 28: The King of Tyre

In Ezekiel by cwfeldmann

Revelation chapter 18 makes extensive use of the imagery in Ezekiel 27 and 28 that describes the nation and the King of Tyre. In Ezekiel, Tyre sits on the sea and “boasted of your perfect beauty” (Eze. 27:3). In Revelation, Babylon is the city on the sea that boasts, “Here I sit, a queen!” (Rev. 18:7). The King of Tyre in Ezekiel 28 is a description of Satan. Likewise, the force driving the activities of ;Babylon in Revelation is the Dragon.

C.S. Lewis wrote, “The…question is whether I believe in devils. I do…It seems to me to explain a good many facts.” In this bible study we considered some of the “good many facts” that are at least partially explained by the demonic.

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