Exodus (2007)

In Exodus by cwfeldmann

Part 1

We first discussed the horrible stories in the last half of Genesis: the multiple deceptive actions of Jacob, Rachel stealing Laban’s household gods (why did she need them?), Reuben sleeping with Jacob’s concubine, polygamy, 2 of Jacob’s sons killing an entire village of men, Judah marrying a Caananite and then sleeping with a prostitute who unknowingly was his daughter in law! What is going on here and where was God? In the book of Exodus, who was the God that spoke to Moses at the burning bush? Was it the Father, Son, or Holy Spirit? And, who hardened Pharaoh’s heart? How was God involved?

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Part 2

We stayed at Mount Sinai during this Bible study. Why did God come with overwhelming power and force onto the mountain? Why not come in human form and with gentle words? What is the significance of Moses standing in between the people and God? Next, why so many rules, rules, rules? If all God wants is for us to “love”, then why give so many additional commands? Finally, why did God come to Moses with threatening words that he was about to wipe out the entire camp of Israelites? Did Moses – the creature – need to talk down God – the Creator – from his anger?

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