Daniel (2008)

In Daniel by cwfeldmann

Part 1

What is the real reason that Daniel and his friends didn’t eat the king’s food? Later, when the king demands that his magicians tell him what he dreamed, we have this spectacular verse: “What your majesty is asking for is so difficult that no one can do it for you except the gods, and they do not live among human beings.” (Daniel 2:11) We serve a God who did live among human beings and the book of Daniel provides convincing evidence that this God really exists!

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Part 2

The book of Daniel gives one of the most dramatic presentations of a judgment scene. Who is our judge and how are we judged? Are there really books in Heaven that God and the angels are reading through? Daniel 8:14 says that the Temple will be restored. What does this mean. Did this happen over 2,000 years ago, about 200 years ago, or is this still a future event?

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