Genesis (2007)

In Genesis by cwfeldmann

Part 1

How should we approach the evolution vs. creation debate? Did God create in 6 literal days or did God use the process of evolution? Why did God put a tree in the garden for Adam and Eve to avoid? But the ultimate question asked of this Bible study was this: what is the essence of sin? What did Eve do that was so bad? How do we associated the problem (which began with eating forbidden fruit) with the solution – the death of Jesus Christ?

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Part 2

Why didn’t God just kill Lucifer when he first sinned and became Satan? Why allow the sin problem to continue? If God would have to drown millions in a flood, wouldn’t killing Lucifer in the beginning have been justified? How could a God of love send the flood? Why did Jesus wait so long to come? Why not come before the flood? And, what are we to learn by the story of Abraham going to sacrifice Isaac?
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