Early Christians and the Cosmic Conflict

In Cosmic Conflict by cwfeldmann

For want of a better term I am still referring to the ‘Revelation Class.’ The past two weeks have seen a royal wedding and much celebration and then the killing of Osama bin Laden and much celebration. Not only do we live in a world of conflict, but we also live in a world where we have reason to feel conflicted. Another case in point: the violent crackdown in Libya is condemned and resisted, the violent crackdown in Syria is passed over lightly. Cosmic conflict theology is theology for a time such as this. We need the help of Milton and others who might have grappled with this subject and its often misunderstood values. In this lecture, I’ll be sharing a perspective on how the Early Church understood the cosmic conflict message. Sadly, it is not widely known that Christians in those days knew and understood it.


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