Revelation 8-9: The Seven Trumpets

In Revelation by cwfeldmann

Most interpreters of Revelation see the 7 Trumpets as the judgments of God against rebellious sinners. This view believes that God’s justice requires him to retributively punish. But is God the only person who plays an active role in the book of Revelation? The third trumpet is an allusion to Isaiah 14, the “bright morning star” which is an invitation to interpret demonic activity into the trumpet sequence. In addition, the fifth trumpet refers to the same fallen star who is finally identified as “the Destroyer.” Is God the destroyer? Why are Satan and demonic forces marginalized in current Christian theology? Surely nothing damages God’s reputation more than to assign Satan’s activity as something that God is doing. The entire book of Revelation is to contrast the violently slaughtered Lamb with the dragon who deceptively tries to pass himself off as the lamb-like beast. Let’s not confuse the Lamb with the dragon!

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