Numbers (2007)

In Numbers by cwfeldmann

There is no question that this is a dark and disturbing book. The people are against Moses. Aaron and Miriam are at times against Moses. Rebellion among the people against God is breaking out left and right. How can a gentle and kind God reach a people like this? {One comment that I meant to add during the Bible study. When God came in power during Korah’s rebellion and threatened to kill all the people (Numbers 16), Moses and Aaron stood in between and pleaded with God to show mercy. I believe that God knew how Moses and Aaron would respond, and used the opportunity in front of the people to create trust and confidence in Moses and Aaron and to get this message to the people: “Moses and Aaron really do have your best interest at heart. Please trust them, and the just maybe you will trust me someday”.

This is very similar to why God came on Mount Sinai in such power: “I will come to you in a thick cloud, so that the people will hear me speaking with you and will believe you from now on.” (Exodus 19) Please also listen to the other description of God appearing ready to wipe them all out in Exodus, part 2 – – Dig Deeper! Stay centered on His love! – BC

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