Job Part 2: God’s Non-Use of Power

In Job by cwfeldmann

Omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient. God has all the power, right at His fingertips, which is why human suffering is such a dilemma. In this Bible study we attempted to introduce Job to Jesus as a way of understanding why an all-powerful God allows suffering, pain and injustice to people that love and trust Him.

God’s non-use of power may be confusing to us at times yet if we think through perhaps this is one of the most incredible things about our God. In fact, perhaps we have a wrong conception of what real power is all about:

“Omnipotence is not to be understood as the power of unlimited coercion, but as the power of infinite persuasion, the invincible power of self-negating, self-sacrificial love.” – G.B. Caird

In the video below, Dr. Brad Cole narrates his powerpoint slide presentation.


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